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Thought for the day or the year



I think of the state the world is in quite often.

I try not to let a sense of futility overwhelm me. 

There must be SOMETHING we can do, some  little thing we can do as individuals.

I received this “ gift ” from a friend over the Christmas season.

It has stayed with me over the holiday season and  stays with me still.  It has been widely circulated. Very timely.  Please let me  share it with you.


Good wishes for 2019.  I hope you find ONE little thing that resonates and will make a difference for you and those around you in the upcoming year!




 As the world fights to figure things out, I'll be holding doors for strangers, letting people cut in front of me in traffic, saying good morning, keeping babies entertained in grocery lines, stopping to talk to someone who is lonely, tipping generously, calling you by the name on your tag, waving at police, sharing food, giving children a thumbs-up, being patient with sales clerks and smiling at passersby as often as I am provided the opportunity, buying a total stranger a cup of coffee.

Because? I will not stand idly by and live in a world where unconditional love is invisible.

Join me in showing love, judging less. Find your own way to swing the pendulum in the direction of love.

Be kind to a stranger today and everyday. It just may be a friend you have never met. Pay it forward for any kindness shown to you in the past.

Be the change!!!

Be the light!!

Start TODAY!

Copied from a friend who copied it from someone else, who copied it from someone else.

Keep copying!!

Keep sharing!!


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