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How I Work

I am a Boutique Realtor.

I work with two or three clients at a time because I want to give my absolute best. I am present for every step of the process. From the photography and measuring, to the open houses and phone calls – I am there for it all.  I like to say I am a white glove service and I will fight this fight for you.

Client referrals are 90% of my business.

When I start working with a client, I become part of their team. They won’t go through the process of selling or buying their home on their own. We are in this together. I am in a relationship with my clients from the moment we decide to work together until they turn the keys over or they get the keys for their new home.

I will put your needs ahead of mine and I will guarantee it. The proof is in the pudding.


I know that when you are selling your home, it becomes the most important thing going on in your life at that moment. You are living, breathing and talking real estate. I keep you updated every day and provide regular market insight. I pass the feedback we get at every showing.


If you are buying your home, I focus on finding the right place for you. It is essential for me during our first meeting to get a sense of what you want and what your goals are. This way, I can picture where you should be, making househunting so much easier for you.


Experienced Negotiator

I am an experienced negotiator. I don't argue for something I don't believe in. I work for my clients and I don't care how anyone else feels except them. "You really are actually a pit bull. We didn't know that about you. But it's a good thing," said a client to describe me.


At the same time, my belief in honesty allows me to foster close relationships with other realtors, which is essential during the negotiation of a sale.


My favourite part of the job is working with people. I love the interaction and being able to deliver a good product at the end. I thrive because my clients thrive.


The way I work ensures my clients that I will be present, providing support, every step of the way. Contact me here – let’s have a no-obligation chat and see if we are right for each other.

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