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Your Home's Value

Sweep front walkway.
Remove newspapers, bikes, and toys.
Park extra cars away from the property.
Trim the shrubs.
Apply fresh, clean paint throughout.
Clean windows and window coverings throughout.
Keep plumbing and all appliances in working order.
Maintain all sealants (window, tub, shower, sink, etc.) in good condition.
Make sure roof and gutters are in good condition; no repairs needed.
Mow the lawn more frequently and plant flowers.
Keep pet areas clean.
Kitchen and bathroom should shine.
Quick once-over with the vacuum; carpets should be clean.
Place fresh flowers in the main rooms.
Put dishes away, unless setting a formal display for decoration.
Make beds and put all clothes away.
Open drapes and turn on lights for a brighter feel.
Straighten closets.
Put toys away.
Turn off television.
Play soft music on the radio/stereo.
Keep pets out of the way and pet areas clean and odor-free.
Secure jewelry, cash, prescription medication, and other valuables.
Enhance the spaciousness of each room. Pack away collectibles to allow buyers to envision their own furnishings in the home.
Important Reminders
Potential buyers usually feel more comfortable if the owners are not present. If people unaccompanied by an agent request to see your property, please refer them to your real estate professional for an appointment. Leave a number where you can be reached if you are leaving town, even for a weekend.


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